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The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

Maybe these days, in the corner of the cafe or on the street, you have not seen someone with a tattoo of a red thread around his little finger, in a kind of lasso, as if to tie his finger? If so, look him in the eye, maybe you’re looking for the same.

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

You can never escape from your heart,
so it’s better that you listen to what he has to tell you …
Paulo Coelho, “The alchemist”

I will tell you the meaning of the Red Thread tattoos based on your legend and will show you many examples of these works. We already started 😎

The legend of the Red Thread – Its meaning

The tattoos of the red thread have begun to be used in the western part of our planet, it is a trend that is increasing and contains a beautiful meaning based on a very ancient Asian legend. There are several versions, perhaps the most popular are Chinese and Japanese, although the truth is that they all have the same moral or teaching.

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

The legend of the red thread goes back several centuries, where an emperor learned of the existence of a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread of destiny, to see what would happen to each person, and sent it bring. When the witch arrived, the emperor ordered him to look for the other end of the red thread tied to his little finger and find out who his wife would be . The witch accepted and began to follow and follow the thread. This search took them to a market, where a poor peasant with a baby in her arms sold her products. When she reached this peasant woman, she stood in front of her and the witch lifted her up. He made the young emperor come and said: “Here ends your thread,” but upon hearing this the emperor was altered, believing that it was a mockery and that the witch was a liar. He pushed the peasant who was still carrying her little baby in her arms and made her fall, the baby got a big wound on her forehead. The emperor ordered his guards to cut off the witch’s head. Later, the moment came when this emperor was to marry and the court recommended that it was best for him to marry the daughter of a very powerful general. He accepted and the wedding day arrived . When it was time to see for the first time the face of his wife, who entered the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil that covered her completely … Upon discovering her, she saw that beautiful face had a very peculiar scar on her forehead.

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

After all this legend of the red thread, the moral that leaves us is that it does not matter the time that passes, nor the things that happen in our lives, in the end, the person that we will love the most will always be there , that we will meet her , because they are bound by the red thread of destiny.

The Tattoos of the Red Thread

Those who know this beautiful story, and are attracted, have decided to tattoo on the little finger an eternal red thread of destiny, as a sign of waiting for the person in our lives .

Certainly there are not many still in the West, since it is a trend that begins, but if you are thinking about one of the tattoos for couples or you want to do some work full of deep meanings, this is the opportunity of one of those good tattoos.

These red thread tattoos are also a very original way to show your love towards another person. Or leave that message of hope that you want to fall madly in love, where only those who know your meaning will understand you.

The certain thing is that to have a tattoo of the Red Thread will be a message for all the life. And finish with those hands wrinkled by the years, but full of love.

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

Tell me, do you dare to have your red thread of destiny?

The mystery of the "Tattoos of the Red Thread" and its legend

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