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Skull and skull tattoos original

Skull and skull tattoos original

We came from the dust and came back to the dust, says an old proverb. The tattoos of skulls and skulls are the most liked among the rebellious youth, the lovers of the Gothic world and the dark stories. Of this and much more I will be commented to you.

Original Skull Tattoos

When we talk about skulls we refer to jobs where it is evident only this part of the human body. In these jobs you can find a complete authenticity. With very special styles in these skull tattoos.

Skull tattoos on the arm for men

For men, skull tattoos are a symbol of power, of bravery, so the best place to have it is in the arm, where everyone can see it and know its meaning. In these proposals you will have color and black and white works.

Tattoos with skulls can be combined with watches, flowers such as roses, butterflies, feathers, snakes, wings and crows, something very original. You can also dress the skulls, whether with caps, pirates style, smoking, military or a modern wave in 3D.

Tattoo Skulls for Women

For the girls, these tattoos are something very special. They usually use the back or the arm for it. The flowers can not miss and the tendency to combine it with key elements in his life is constant.

It is also very true that skull tattoos really like women’s legs. Among the favorite flowers, there is the rose, perfect combination.

Skull Designs for Tattoos

I recommend you always have a unique tattoo. For this you can rely on all the images that I present and the templates or sketches. Combining them and giving your personal touch you can achieve something special.

For you to have a very original design, I would recommend adding either a red rose or combine it with other elements that deepen their meaning and increase your aesthetic beauty.

Skull Tattoos with Roses

The tattoos of skulls and roses enclose stories of eternal love, where even death can not separate them. It makes references to the skulls of Mexico and the tribute that is given to those who are no longer physically.

As you can see, the best version is to join the skulls, red roses, expression of beauty and love. I suggest them in this color.

Tattoos with skulls for couples

But if the couple is a lover of this trend and wants to make a t- shirt with skulls for couples , it’s a very good idea. Check these photos of very original works and with different tendencies.

All the ideas of these tattoos for couples is to make the skull of each sex, as an expression that they will be together even after death, a very deep meaning.

Meaning of Skull Tattoos

The inevitable representation of death or the end of life through the images of skulls is inevitable in people. But the meanings of them are not only in that focus, there is much more.

The use of skull tattoos is also motivated or has meanings of:

  • amulet of protection and good luck, protection of our way.
  • strength and overcoming death or a very hard moment in life.
  • a change of life , where the past has been buried and new roads are opened.
  • traumas or fears that have persecuted us and from now on are buried in the past .

The combination of the skull with other designs is complementary in the interpretation, contributing or enriching its message. He can communicate that we will do something until the end of our days, that nothing will stop us or a devotion to the dark world and its cultures. The truth is that when you see someone with a tattooed skull, your message may be profound and unique. In this video you can find more explanations.

We hope that this guide on skull and human skull tattoos has helped you a lot. Choose your style, think about the meaning you want to give them and do not forget to share our article with your friends.

Skull and skull tattoos original

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