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Piercing Tragus: The guide you need

Piercing Tragus: The guide you need

Piercing Tragus has become fashionable. The girls love them, either because of the subtlety that is often seen or because of the aesthetic composition with other piercings that are usually done on their ears. But if you want to know almost everything about this piercing, I’ll tell you. 😎

What is the original tragus piercing?

The tragus (from Latin and used in English, in Spanish means swallow ) is one of the external parts of the auditory canal. A small oval-shaped cartilage that helps block direct entry to the ear. Hence, placing a piercing in this area takes its name. You can see these photos (tumblr).

Someone asked me what is the meaning of piercing tragus? and the certain thing is that it could have some message in some culture, but of general way, in the present society it is a purely aesthetic fact.

Does it hurt to get a tragus piercing ?

Pain is a measure relative to people. The truth is that the tragus (tragus) is a zone of cartilaginous tissue of few nerve endings and blood vessels. This means that drilling there is not as painful as in other places. If your drink is a little thick, it may hurt a bit more. It is not often that bloods, if so, do not worry, it is controlled quickly and without consequences.

To put it on a scale, tragus piercing pain: 5 based on 10.

Video: How is this piercing done?

Nothing better than a YouTube video where you can see each step. If important to ensure hygiene: that the tools are disinfected or disposable.

This is the technique to be performed manually. There is another technique where a gun is used to perform the drilling. Personally I recommend the manual and made by an expert.

Recommendations on healing and care

  • The tragus piercing is one of the piercings that later on to heal, the risk of infection for so long is high, much more when you can entangle hairs on it.
  • It usually heals at 2 months (8 weeks), so extreme care is essential.
  • It is suggested that until the piercing is in good condition, the piercing should not be removed.
  • The cleaning process should begin with the application of physiological saline solution, do not remove any crust or skin that is believed, then wash with warm water and neutral soap and dry very carefully.
  • Never remove the scab or postilla, this is key in the healing process.
  • Initially hygiene should be done two to three times a day, then once will be enough.
  • During the healing process try not to use your headphones, thus avoiding possible infections.

What to do if my tragus piercing is infected?

If you detect that you are infested or in case of prolonged swelling in your ear and redness for several days, you should go to the doctor to assess yourself. If you can attend a dermatologist, who is the specialist doctor in this area, much better. Failure to take care of yourself in time can cause problems or bad consequences in your ear.

Piercing tragus for men

Also men begin to make theirs the fashion of piercing swallow. Some like rings, others of the traditional slopes. Either way, they look very cool.

Other types of piercing tragus

You could already observe the traditional way of placing this original piercing. But it is not the only way, there are others that I detail below:

Anti tragus piercing

Another of the variants that begins to like a lot are the anti tragus piercings . These are located in the cartilaginous area that stands out more in the ear. Let’s say on the same line. I show you images.

This area has also become very popular among women, since it combines very well with the classic piercing of the ear. It is also ideal to form original aesthetic decorations for women.

Vertical tragus piercing

In this case, the perforation will be double, vertically. There are two variants, to make it on the complete part of the tragus cartilage or to run the perforations more towards the skin of the face, in any of the forms, it is very original.

Another idea is to make this drilling more towards the face and combine it with another one in traditional tragus form.

Piercing Tragus images to give you ideas

There are many types or ways to locate this aesthetic piercing. From small sleepers, almost imperceptible, to very showy decorative earrings and hoops. You can look for it with flowers, double spiral balls or in the shape of infinity, I love it. In color matter I like many red balls, although there are all colors.

In matters of materials more recommended to use this piercing, I would say that titanium is the best option in terms of quality / price. But if you have more money, I would recommend silver and even gold. With these three materials you can avoid bad consequences like infections. To acquire them you can visit some jewelry. I hope this collection of images will serve as ideas to inspire you.

More videos about the tragus piercing

Great these tragus piercings, but when you go do it do not do like this girl, because you’ll be everyone’s laugh, hehe. Enjoy this YouTube video and introduce yourself with great enthusiasm.

Men can also be a bit cowardly when it comes to the truth, watch this video

How is piercing done with a gun?

In this other video you want to see how fast the process is with a gun, although, I repeat, I recommend that you do it with a needle and a specialist.

Where to buy the tragus piercing?

Certainly getting a tragus piercing is very easy and even economical. The first variant that I recommend is to locate the studios, generally they will have good offers.

The other variant is to make the purchase online. The most recommended stores for this would be Amazon or eBay of your country, if you are in the United States I would recommend Etsy, you can order them in Aliexpress, or finally in specialized online stores like Crazy Factory or Limon Bay.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide where I have tried to summarize all the information you need to know about piercing tragus. Remember to leave me a comment and if you have any questions, the sooner I will answer it. 😎

Piercing Tragus: The guide you need

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