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50 Photos of Pigeon Tattoos and their meanings

50 Photos of Pigeon Tattoos and their meanings

Pigeon Tattoos are the most popular bird tattoos today. Do you want to become one of these? Do not worry, here I will tell you everything you need about the best places, both for women and for men and their various meanings. I already told you everything about the tatus of pigeons . 😎

Pigeon tattoos for women

Let’s start with the tattoos for the girls, the biggest followers of this beautiful bird. Women are very good small pigeons, usually on the back, shoulders or ribs. Because of their meaning, it is good to accompany them with some phrase or important date.

Pigeon tattoo for men

Now we continue with the tattoo proposals for the boys. In men, pigeon tattoos are rarely alone, they are usually accompanied by other works, adding phrases or other elements. The best place is the arm and shoulder.

In the case of men, the tattoos of pigeons add a meaning of serenity mixed with that force they transmit.

Tattoos of small pigeons

Now let’s talk about tattoos with pigeons because of their type or where to do it. The first option is a small tattoo. These are very discreet, but at the same time sensual if they are in a place that looks little. At my choice? in the nape or the wrist.

Tattoos of pigeons on the wrist and hand

By places, the doll is a special place for these works. You can do it either small or covering almost the entire wrist or hand. Here I recommend that it be simple, although those with colors look very beautiful.

Tattoos of pigeons on the shoulder

Now, if you have been thinking about a bigger job, the shoulder is one of those very special places. Men like to combine them with roses and watches. In the case of girls, they tend to simpler things, maybe a word or name will suffice.

Tattoos with pigeons on the arm

The tattoos of pigeons in the arm almost that is exclusive of style of the boys. Being part of a complete sleeve is the most recognized variant. Pigeons flying is the most meaningful option.

Tattoos on the back of pigeons

But if you are a woman, this is the other ideal place for a tattoo with pigeons. They transmit that desire to be free, to fight, to be independent. Perhaps a small tattoo with several pigeons in flight is an excellent option.

Meaning of pigeon tattoos

From the old Greek and Roman cultures, the meaning of the pigeons was associated with the emergence of the goddess of love . This, for example, can be seen in the carriage where Aphrodite was born, which was being thrown by pigeons. In Aztec mythology the dove represents the goddess of love and mother of all men . We can also see that in Native American cultures, we have the image that when a person dies, his soul becomes a dove and thus this animal becomes something sacred that reflects the reincarnation of his ancestors.

In Christianity the dove is the representation of peace , pure causes and new beginnings . We can find it through the white doves, as this color contributes. The Bible tells that when Noah prepared his ark, he sent a dove to look for firm ground, and when it returned with an olive branch in its beak, he knew that a new beginning was possible, that the opportunity had arrived to start life again. That is why we can associate it with those new paths we are going to undertake.

In cities like Madrid, we can find a great veneration around the symbol of this animal, as a curious fact we can find the Virgin of the Dove , in the Church of the same name.

Arriving more deeply with the meanings, tattooing a single dove, with open wings , you can think of the summary of everything that encloses its image. When two pigeons are tattooed , the whole connotation of a monogamy, the love of the couple and the family is represented, often found in celebrations of Valentine’s Day or weddings, and work is done where the pigeons are facing each other in mid-flight , in that expression of surrender and love.

Original tattoos of pigeons with names

The pigeon is one of those animals that transmits, that encloses a story, that tells our life. That is why the tattoos with the most liked pigeons are of white doves, with names, small popcorn or several pigeons together. Its representation in flight output is the most liked.

50 Photos of Pigeon Tattoos and their meanings

50 Photos of Pigeon Tattoos and their meanings

Fundamentally girls are the biggest followers and the back, wrist and hand are the most favorable places. Of this and much more I will comment to you. Before, enjoy this collection of pigeon tattoo photos.

Tattoos on the Doves are those works that have a very great and pure value and meaning, where the devotion and devotion to a person or cause shows much sincerity. So if one day you decide to give a piece of skin to show your love towards another person, do not hesitate, this type of work is ideal.

I hope you enjoyed our article about Pigeon Tattoos , do not forget to share it with your friends. And if you still do not feel inspired, I’ll show you another video with more work, in this case it would be tattoos of pigeons more recommended for men, although they do not stop being good jobs for women. Either way I hope you enjoy it.

All tattoos of pigeons are great, and with such a pure and profound meaning, you surely cheer up. Remember to share us on social networks.

50 Photos of Pigeon Tattoos and their meanings

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